The artist has performed with the lyre-guitar as a soloist and in various chamber ensembles since 2002.
Below are the most important events that have contributed to giving voice and attention to the instrument, also thanks to the collaboration of Cultural Institutes, Music Conservatories, Museums and Concert Societies.

  • Cygnaeus school, prayers’ aula, Maariankatu 7, Turku e Salo Art Museum, Mariankatu 14, Finland:
    Orchestra “Musicians of the King’s Road”; Antto Vanhala, concertmaster; Eleonora Vulpiani, lyre-guitar. Night of the Arts, Ferdinando Carulli: Concerto n. 8 ‘pour lyre-guitar et Orchestra’.
”The concert series that presents rare historical instruments continues” (Turku).
    “For this rare instrument, only one concerto is known in the Western music literature. This work will now be performed in Finland for the first time” (Salo).
  • Theatral performance at the Rebibbia Female Correctional Facility, with the students of the A.S. High Security Section. “Didone. A suspended story”. Director: Francesca Tricarico; Music: Eleonora Vulpiani (lyre-guitar).
  • Concert for the Twenty Years of the Medical Humanities Review (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Municipality of Rome), at the Arco di Giano, Rome. Soprano: Monica Colonna, Lyre-guitar: Eleonora Vulpiani.
  • House Concert for the Music Festival, Rome.
    “The Evolution of the Guitar from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century”. Duo Damiano Mercuri – Eleonora Vulpiani. (Lyre-guitar, romantic guitar, guitar).
  • Concert Season ‘House Concert‘, (Ass. Cult. Totemtanz), Rome. Concerto for lyre-guitar and soprano.
  • XXIV° Guitar Conference. National Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, Modena. Speech: “The lyre-guitar, history and images”.
  • Museum of the Early Middle Ages, Rome. Concert of lyre-guitar and romantic guitar at the opening of the Culture Week (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities). Eleonora Vulpiani: lyre-guitar, guitar. Damiano Mercuri: romantic guitar, guitar.
    Eleonora Vulpiani: lira-chitarra, chitarra.
 Damiano Mercuri: chitarra romantica, chitarra.
  • Crypt of the Basilica of S. Cecilia in Trastevere, (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities), Rome. Recital.
  • La Sapienza University, Rome. Recital “Corinne’s lyre”, within the International Study Conference “Corinne and Madame de Stael’s Italy”, at the Department of Italian Studies and Performing Arts.
  • “Fernando Sor” International Guitar Competition, Royal Academy of Spain, Rome. Inauguration concert for the XXXVII edition of the “F. Sor” competition. Music by Ferdinando Carulli. Elisabetta Majeron: soprano, Eleonora Vulpiani: lyre-guitar.
  • Euclide Theater, Rome. Recital within the musical review “On the strings of one hundred notes”.
  • Church of Santa Marta, Rome. Closing concert of the exhibition of musical instruments “Leutaro in Roma” (Special Superintendency for the Roman Museum Complex – Palazzo Venezia). 19th century music by F. Carulli, P. J. Porro, M. Giuliani, J. B. Bédard, J. Piston. Countertenor: Razek François Bitar, Lyre-guitar: Eleonora Vulpiani.
    Controtenore: Razek François Bitar, 
Lira-chitarra: Eleonora Vulpiani
  • White Night. Palazzo Vidoni, Rome. Concert organized by the Ministry for Reforms and Innovations in the Public Administration.
  • Radisson Hotel, Rome. Closing concert of the Conference “Equal Opportunities for all: the role of positive action” organized by the European Commission in collaboration with the Italian Department for Rights and Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (UNAR – National Office against Racial Discrimination).
  • National Superior Conservatory of Paris (CNSMDP).
    Conference-Concert for the students of the guitar classes of the Masters: Olivier Chassain, Caroline Délume, Roland Dyens.
  • Auditorium of the “Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa” Conservatory of Music, Potenza. Masterclass for students of the second level specialist two-year courses and students of the courses of the old system.Museum of the Foundation for the Promotion of Musical Culture, Stockholm. Recital at Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande. In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm.
  • “Andrés Segovia” International Festival – Italian Cultural Institute, Madrid. Opening recital.
  • Castello Colonna Music Academy, Genazzano, “Fernando Sor” Cultural Center, Recital.
  • XXII° International Guitar Festival, “Fernando Sor” Cultural Center, Udine. Recital.
  • Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo (Ireland). Lyre-guitar recital organized by the association “Amicizia-Italian Society Sligo”.
  • Crawford Art Municipal Gallery, Cork (Ireland).
    Lyre-guitar recital organized by the association “Amicizia-Italian Society Sligo”.
  • Bank of Ireland Arts, Dublin (Ireland).
    Guitar Festival organized by the Spanish Cervantes Institute in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Dublin. Recital.
  • Angelica Constantinian Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome. Concert for lyre-guitar and voice (with soprano Francesca Romana Iorio) within the conference “Orient: art and history of Islamic jewelry”.
  • Annibaldeschi Palace of Monte Compatri, Rome.
    Concert for voice, violin and lyre-guitar, “The 19th century and the lyre-guitar”, Cultural Association “Controluce”.
  • VIII Concert Season, Palazzo della Rovere – Sala Camino, Rome, (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities). Concert for voice, violin and lyre-guitar, “The 19th century and the lyre-guitar”.
  • Museum of Risorgimento – Vittoriano complex, Rome.
    Concert for voice, violin and lyre-guitar. “Homage to Carmen”, Cultural Association “Pavana, Saltarello and Piva”.
  • Sala Luis Milan, Neptune (Rome). Concerto for voice and lyre-guitar (with soprano Francesca Romana Iorio). “The lyre-guitar”, Cultural Center “Fernando Sor”.

UPCOMING Concerts: to be defined.