Eleonora Vulpiani lyre-guitar project


by Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841):

Sonata Sentimentale op. 42
“The loves of Adonis and Venus”
(with reciting voice)

-Introduction: Largo
-Allegro assai
-Larghetto espressivo: Venus and Adonis flirt
-Allegro: Mars jealousy
-Allegretto: Venus and Adonis go hunting
-Allegro: The hunt begins, Adonis gets lost… A wild boar appears,
Adonis fights against him, The boar kills Adonis.
-Largo: Death of Adonis
-Allegro: Venus looks for Adonis
-Largo: Venus despair in finding Adonis dead
-Largo: Venus with her cry moves Proserpina
Proserpina moved promise to bring him back to life
-Largo: Adonis return to life
-Finale: Allegretto

Sonata Sentimentale op. 2
“L’Orage” - The thunder storm
(with reciting voice)

-Introduzione: Largo
-Larghetto con molta espressione: A shepherd and shepherdess flirt
-Moderato: The weather darkens, The shepherdess is frightened,
The wind, The rain, The hail, The lightning, The thunder,
The shepherdess moan, The thunder storm worsens
-Andante: The shepherd gives the shepherdess courage
and they take refuge in a cave, A monster appears,
The shepherdess faints
-Allegro: The shepherd and the monster fight,
The shepherd hits the monster, Monster’s howl,
Monster’s death
-Moderato: The weather clears,
The shepherdess comes to herself
-Andante: The rainbow
-Allegretto: The shepherd and the shepherdess rejoice.

Sonata III op. 21

Moderato - Romance - Rondeau

Sonatina III op. 7

Largo - Allegro

Divertimento in three parts op. 44:
(with reciting voice)

Part One:
-Ouverture - Largo
-Andantino: Cinderella by the fireplace sings Toto carabo.
-Moderato: Cinderella cooks.
-Larghetto: Cinderella’s sweetness.
-Allegro: The young ladies are invited to the ball.
Great preparations begin. At last they go.
-Larghetto Espressivo: Cinderella, left alone, is crying; A Fairy appears.
-Largo Maestoso: Cinderella in tears tells of her desire to go to the ball…
The Fairy changes a squash into a coach.
-Allegro: Cinderella’s old clothes became a magnificent dress and she goes to the ball.

Part Two:
-Allegretto: At the palace, The ball begins.
-Quadriglia: The beauty of Cinderella raises general surprise at her arrival,
The ball goes on…Cinderella dances.
-Moderato: Cinderella talk to her sisters without being recognized.
-Andante: Midnight strikes,
Cinderella runs away and the prince follows her.
-Allegro: She looses her crystal slipper, the prince picks it up.

Part Three:
-Agitato: Cinderella returns home with her old clothes.
-Allegretto non troppo: The prince tells everybody he will marry
the lady whose foot will fit the crystal slipper he found at the ball.
-Moderato: The prince begins his search from the ladies of the court,
princesses and duchesses but with no luck.
At last he makes Cinderella try it and it fits perfectly.
The Fairy changes Cinderella’s old clothes into a magnificent dress…
-Finale - Allegretto: Cinderella and the prince get married…

Theme and Variations on “La Follia di Spagna”

by Matteo Carcassi (1792-1853)

Di tanti palpiti

by Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)


- Allegro con brio (National Irish Aria)

Coming through the rye

- Andante cantabile


by Francesco Molino (1768-1847)



by Pierre Jean Porro (1750-1831)

Six Romances

Cantique de Venus (traduit de Sapho)
La solitude plait à mon coeur…
Un jour sur la coudrette…
Le besoin d'aimer …
Dans le printemps…
Les sermens oublié …

by Etienne Jean Battista Pastou (1784-1851):

Hommage au beau sexe

by Ferdinando Carulli:

Hymne op. 61 n. 2
Romance op. 61 n. 9
Cavatine op. 61 n. 4
Salut ò divine espérance
Adieu bosquet
Arbres témoins

Grand Air Italien op. 61 n. 14
Recitativo - Largo - Allegro

(Collection of Daniel Fryklund, romances XVIII-XIX centuries):

by Gretry-Soyer

Air d’Anacreon

by Jean-Baptiste Bedard

La chambre à coucher. Ou une demi heure de Richelieu 

by J. Piston

Tu che accendi questo core. Cavatina nel Tancredi

by Francesco Molino

Le Pauvre

by Giuliano Balestra (1939)

Endechas para "Che"


by Ferdinando Carulli:

Sonata III op. 23

Allegro - Rondo - Allegretto

Eight Arias from "Le Nozze di Figaro" by Mozart op. 66


by Pierre Jean Porro:

Six Romances Nouvelles op. 34:

Le Saule du Malhereux
La Serenade
L’Amour marchand de co
Chant d’une jeune arabe



by Ferdinando Carulli:

Concerto in LA, n° 8